Improvements are coming to the Highland Strip

The University of Memphis is supporting an application by the University Neighborhoods Development Corporation that would improve the areas along the Highland Strip.

You can read the U of M proposal here: 

“It’s kind of dodgy,” sophomore Maya Benson said. “As you go on the other side of Highland and Southern, things get sketchy.”

The areas surrounding the university are full of empty lots and sidewalks that have fallen into disrepair. Some students agree the area would benefit from a facelift while others do not believe it’s decrepit or dangerous.

“It could definitely be better,” junior sports and leisure management major Stephen Rose said. “But they’re getting it where it needs to be.”

UNDC proposes that the redevelopment would attract new businesses and industries, which would increase property value and economic activity. Increased property taxes from such activity would fund future improvements to the university area with the remainder of the taxes going to the city and county.

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